One Good Turn Deserves Another

Good Turn Earth Company is changing the landscape in Fredericksburg – literally. We rescue green waste from the landfill and transform it into a living, breathing soil conditioner.

Thanks to generous contributions toward our Spring 2015 crowdfunding campaign, and continued support from the Fredericksburg community, we are ready to go to market! Please join us Saturdays from 7:00am-1:00pm at the Hurkamp Park Farmers Market in downtown Fredericksburg now through October 2015!

We believe in community composting for healthy soils and a happy planet!

Do a good turn for your garden, our community, and the planet.

Good Turns for Good Gardens

We produce a gourmet, living, breathing soil conditioner that will replenish the microorganisms in your soil giving you healthier food, prettier blooms, and stronger plants

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Good Turns for Strong Communities

We are rescuing food scraps and greenwaste from the landfill, reducing toxic greenhouse gases. Through a local community drop-off point, we can all help.

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Good Turns for a Healthy Planet

Creating alternatives to synthetic fertilizers and chemicals means cleaner waterways and healthier soils. Keeping greenwaste out of landfills means less greenhouse gases.